Network Warrior Weekend Camp

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Date(s) - 24/03/2016 - 28/03/2016
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Casa de Kramse


DK-NOG, PROSA friends, BSD-DK, The Camp and friends of the house

The time has come to announce Network Warrior Weekend Camp VIII spring edition, March 24 – 28, 2016 at my place, Kramse.

Setting is as always on The Camp or NWWC, bring your own projects and hack on those with friends around. The main advantage is you can quickly get help or interact and ask other for their opinion. Which library can help me solve X, what program can best do blah, and what hacker tool will give me answers for TCP ports (Nping from the Nmap suite of tools – of course).

We build a common tent about 40m2 and hack through the night, no need to put away your stuff – just hack on! Note: we have done tents in “cold weather” and will if need be lay a carpetlike structure, so yes it will be OK. Bring socks or indoor shoes, as outdoor shoes will not be allowed on the “carpet”.

Consider it a garden party where it is okay to bring your laptop, so you can hack and discuss file systems while drinking coke, beers, water, vodka and eat bacon! Bacon is very important and we typically do a barbecue every day – so bring or buy somethings to put over the fire. If you dont eat meat it is of course ok, but I do not have special kitchenware … 🙂

More info and signup: Network Warrior Weekend Camp

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